Recycling and Solid Waste Disposal


One per week on Thursday. One (1) toter will be provided by the City per property, the property owner is charged a yearly fee on their property taxes for this service. 


Once weekly on your regular garbage pickup days. A list of recyclable items is located below

Replacement Recycling bins can be picked up at City Hall. 

Aluminum Cans- No aluminum foil, lawn chairs, gutters or window frames 

Logo- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Brown Paper Bags 

Corrugated Cardboard- Flatten before placing in your bin 

Glass Bottles/ Jars- White, Green, or Brown. Rinse, with or without label, remove lid. 

Junk Mail- Place all junk mail, office paper, school paper in a paper bag inside your bin. 


Newspaper- including sales ads, MUST be taken out of plastic sleeve. 

Phone Books 

Plastic: #1-#7- Rinse and remove lid. Lids can be recycled just not on the container, for safety reasons. 

Tin/Steel Cans- Rinse, with or without label. 

Thin Cardboard- All cardboard boxes, gift boxes, cereal boxes, food boxes, soda boxes, cardboard egg carton/flats etc. Flatten before placing in your bin. 

Yard Trash- Bagged or Contained 

Once weekly on Thursdays. 

Yard Trash- Loose Laying 

Yard Trash/ Brush (i.e.) loose laying piles need to be No lengths longer than 4 feet, no widths/diameters more than 6 inches should be set curbside in front of your house. Loose laying yard debris is pick up on Saturdays. All yard waste/brush generated by a contractor must be disposed of by the contractor. Piles larger than explained above will need a special pickup request, please call City Hall. 

Tires (Non-Commercial) 

Four (4) per residential household at no charge per year. 

Household Appliances/Furniture 

Appliances & other metal goods should be set out with your normal garbage. If item is to large for pick up, another truck will need to come and get it. You will need to call City Hall for a special Pickup for these items. 

Oil Disposal Locations 

Volusia County Fire Services Station 22 

213 N US Hwy #1 Oak Hill, FL 32759 

(Oil filters and containers accepted) 

Volusia County Public Works Facility 

Generic Logo of Oil can

534 N Dixie Freeway, New Smyrna Beach 

(Oil filters accepted) (No drop for oil containers) 

Advanced Auto Parks 

1714 S Ridgewood Ave, Edgewater 

Oil, Lead Acid Batteries (vehicle) 

Auto Zone 

1720 S Ridgewood Ave, Edgewater 

Oil, Lead Acid Batteries (vehicle) 

O’Reilly Auto 

1952 S Ridgewood Ave, Edgewater 

Motor Oil, Oil Filters, Auto Batteries 

Solid Waste Pick up Information 


When you place your garbage and residential waste out for the one weekly collection make sure there is nothing adjacent to the items to be collected that you may want to keep. 

Waste Pro starts their daily collections at 7:00am, so make sure your garbage is by the edge of the road by that time. 

Location of garbage container 

Garbage and trash containers when not in use shall be kept away from the front of any building or premises. 

All Garbage and trash containers shall be removed from the front of any building no later than 9:00pm on the day of garbage pickup. 

Hazardous Waste Material Disposal 

Items that are NOT recycled or accepted in trash 

Trash can with X over it.

Lighter Fluid All Automobile Related Liquids 

Wood/Cement Sealers Insect repellent 

Paint/Paint Thinners Oil 

Gasoline Kerosene 

Muriatic Acid Any Combustible items 

Pool/Spa Chemicals Lawn/Pest Control Chemicals 

Automotive Batteries Any Hazardous waste items 

Sharps Acetone 

Items to be placed in your trash 

Empty Paint Cans 

Empty Oil Containers 

Empty Chemical Containers 

All Hazardous material must be disposed of at the Volusia County Landfill located at 1990 Tomoka Farms Rd, Port Orange. Volusia County provides a non-commercial paint exchange facility where residents may trade-in unwanted paint for a different color or type. Contact the Volusia County Landfill for more information at 386-947-2952. Hazardous Waste items are free to dispose of at the landfill (residential, NOT commercial). 

Hypodermic and IV needles CANNOT be placed in your garbage. “Sharps” disposal container information may be obtained at the following locations: 

New Smyrna Beach Health Department: 386-424-2066 

Halifax Medical Center: 386-254-4169 


Please feel free to contact City Hall any work day between 8:30am-5:00pm with questions or request. 

Or contact WastePro Directly at 386-788-8890