Planning Board Information

The commission shall have the general responsibility for the conduct of the city's comprehensive planning program and review of applications for development orders. Additionally, the commission shall hear and make recommendations to the city commission regarding applications from the city commission, any department or agency of city government, or from any person for amendment of these regulations, approval of a special exception, or approval of a variance.

The planning and land development regulation commission shall prepare, or cause to be prepared, the elements of the comprehensive plan required in F.S. § 163.3177, known as the Local Government Comprehensive Planning and Land Development Regulation Act (LGCPLDRA) and other appropriate plan elements, and shall make recommendation regarding the comprehensive plan to the city commission. It shall have the general responsibility for the conduct of the comprehensive planning program. It shall comply with all requirements of the LGCPLDRA, and shall monitor and oversee the effectiveness and status of the comprehensive plan, and recommend to the city commission such changes in the comprehensive plan as may from time to time be required. It shall perform any other duties assigned by the city commission, and may prepare and recommend to the city commission any other proposals to implement the comprehensive plan.

The PLDRC shall have five members appointed by the city commission for a term of three years. Each member shall reside within the city limits.